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AKA Dhaka's Senior School organises talent show

26 June 2023

On 15 June 2023, the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka’s Senior School organised a talent show at the Senior School library where students captivated the audience with a range of inspiring performances.

The show highlighted the students’ unique abilities in singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, acting and reciting poetry. The performances ranged from soulful piano solos to the rhythmic beats of tabla, the resonating chords of the guitar and the melodious tones of the clarinet. In addition, an impressive display of group dances and acts reflected the collective spirit and teamwork among the students.

“The talent show was more than just a platform for us to perform; it was a moment for us to express ourselves freely,” said Grade 8 student Mohammad Ilman Rafee Islam. “When I was on stage, playing the clarinet, I felt an incredible sense of liberation and happiness.”

Head of Academy Mr Bill O’Hearn, Dean of Studies and Curriculum Ms Mou Maiti and Lead Performing Arts Teacher Mr Vishwajit Shinde, were the judges for the event. Each performance was judged on originality, execution and crowd engagement.

“Every student who stepped onto that stage was a winner in their own right,” Mr Vishwajit said. “The talent, creativity and sheer passion we witnessed were awe-inspiring. Selecting the winners was an incredibly tough task for us as judges. Every performance was unique, captivating and brilliantly executed.”

In the end, a couple of winners in each category were honoured with a medal for their achievement. The show’s overall winner, a group dance performance, was awarded a trophy as a testament to their innate creativity.