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AKA Dhaka's Junior School organises cultural event

19 June 2023

From 13-14 June, the Junior School of the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka organised a unique cultural event at the Junior School library. The event featured an impressive variety of student performances, ranging from singing and acting to recitation and dance.

The students embraced their cultural heritage by performing in traditional attire, highlighting the diverse cultures within the Academy. The melodies, poems and dances transformed the library into a stage of cultural celebration. The audience enjoyed the performances equally as much as the performers.

“It felt great to see my friends perform,” said Grade 3 student Aleena Shahed. “We learned a lot about different cultures and loved singing along with the performers.”

The Academy’s Music Teacher Ms Shanchita Saha expressed immense pride and appreciation for the talents and efforts of the students.

“This cultural event highlighted the students’ artistic skills and understanding of different cultures,” Ms Shanchita said. “Through such arrangements, we promote an inclusive learning environment that values pluralism and diversity.”