AKA Dhaka celebrates Victory Day  | Aga Khan Academies

AKA Dhaka celebrates Victory Day 

22 December 2022

On Thursday, 15 December, the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka celebrated Victory Day with a whole school assembly to honour Bangladesh’s triumphant spirit.  

Victory Day commemorates the liberation of Bangladesh on 16 December 1971, marking the end of the 1971 Liberation War which began on 26 March of the same year. The war claimed three million lives and caused unprecedented casualties.  

The special assembly opened with the Primary Years Programme students singing the national anthem in front of a packed audience, with everyone in the courtyard singing along. The anthem was followed by Grade 8 students performing a dance of a patriotic song. Students also recited patriotic poems in Bangla and showcased several dances and musical performances. One of the key attractions of the event was a mime performance on the stories of the liberation war by Grade 7 students.  

“I enjoyed the programme a lot and felt refreshed after watching the great performances,” said Grade 4 student Ahmed Aymaan Ibrahim. 

Music Teacher Ms Shanchita Saha highlighted the significance of celebrating the history and heritage of Bangladesh for the students of the Academy to become future leaders.   

“This event was special because it allowed us to share our culture and values with everyone at the Academy,” said Ms Shanchita. “We want our students to grow up as future leaders. Learning about our hard-fought victory in the 1971 war will give them the right knowledge and motivate them to keep going against all odds.”