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AKA Dhaka celebrates Independence Day

26 March 2023

On 23 March 2023, the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka celebrated Bangladesh’s Independence Day with enthusiasm and gratitude, bringing together the Junior School and Senior School students with two engaging assemblies. The highlight of the day was the presence of Bir Protik Momin Ullah Patwary, a veteran naval commando of the Liberation War, as the special guest.

The day marked the 52nd anniversary of the nation's independence and paid tribute to the sacrifices made by countless individuals to secure freedom for their homeland in 1971. Every year on 26 March, the people of Bangladesh come together to celebrate their Independence Day.

The Senior School assembly opened with the Middle Years Programme (MYP) students singing the national anthem in front of a packed audience at the Senior School Library. Following the anthem, Grade 6 student Noorain Karim recited a poem that spoke of the resilience and courage of the country's citizens during the struggle for independence. Emphasising the spirit of national unity, the MYP students then performed a group dance which served as a reminder of the passionate spirit of Bangladesh. A video was shown to the audience on three vital operations that turned the tables of the Liberation War – “Operation Jackpot”. Mr Patwary captivated the audience with his first-hand account of bravery, determination and sacrifices as one of the participating commandos of the operations.

In the Junior School assembly, the Primary Years Programme (PYP) students showcased inspiring individual and group cultural performances. The vibrant display of their performances centred around the theme of love for the nation and instilled a sense of respect and admiration for the country's founding heroes.

The assembly concluded with a stirring message from Mr Patwary to the PYP students.

“As young students, you are the torchbearers of our nation's legacy, and it is crucial for you to understand the significance of our Independence Day,” Mr Patwary said. “We risked our lives to ensure that you could grow up in a free and sovereign nation. It is my hope that you will learn from our history and imbibe the values of unity, resilience and determination that defined our struggle for independence. Always remember that our hard-earned freedom came at a great cost, and it is your responsibility to preserve and cherish it.”