PYP students and faculty organise unit celebrations | Aga Khan Academies

PYP students and faculty organise unit celebrations

10 February 2023

Grade 1 2, and 3 students and faculty at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka organised unit display celebrations under the theme "How we Express Ourselves" and "Sharing the Planet". The celebrations were unique opportunities for the students to share their learning with their parents, teachers and the Academy community. The students focused on the central ideas of the units and creatively demonstrated their understanding of the concepts.

Grade 1 students focused on the central idea of different ways people express their feelings and ideas. Parents visited the classrooms where students presented a short video of their unit journey, among other things. Different corners, including the art, story, quiz, IT, and movie corners, were set on the corridors in front of the classrooms to represent their transdisciplinary unit learning. After the session, parents enjoyed a variety of performances by the students at the Academy’s amphitheatre.

Grade 2 students focused on the central idea that our world’s ecosystems are fragile and need to be protected. Students showed great interest and enthusiasm, which helped the teachers to plan the unit display with games, interactive sessions, and content celebration. The focused ecosystems were tundra, forest, ocean and desert. Some students dressed up as endangered animals and created awareness regarding the impact on animals due to the degradation of nature. The students explained posters of extinct animals and the root cause of the destruction of ecosystems. The various engaging activities had the parents enthralled and they participated wholeheartedly.

Students of Grade 3 focused on the central idea of how celebrations can express the traditions of a culture. Different pavilions were set for different celebrations in the Senior School courtyard. With the help of their teachers, the students divided the courtyard into cultural, religious, national and new year celebrations areas. The students made posters and models for sharing their understanding of different cultures. After the session, parents and faculty enjoyed the students’ performances in groups, representing celebrations from different cultures at the amphitheatre.

Junior School Principal Shatila Reza praised the students for their hard work and dedication.

“It is wonderful to see how the students have taken ownership of their learning and used their creativity to explore the world around them,” Ms Shatila said. “It was also a great opportunity for the students to enjoy the celebration with their peers and families.”