KG3 students promote good deeds | Aga Khan Academies

KG3 students promote good deeds

03 January 2023

Kindergarten 3 students of the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka are proof that it is never too early to show random acts of kindness! Ms Islama Khandoker, KG3 homeroom teacher, asked her students to do one good deed at home to intentionally promote compassion, empathy and understanding between them and their parents.

Engaging in good deeds allowed the students to create heartfelt moments back home.

"I felt good while helping my mom and I will help her more from now on,” said KG3 student Nuzair Hasan.

To recognise and appreciate her students’ efforts, Ms Islama organised an award ceremony in her class.

“Fostering a culture of kindness enhances the connections between students and teachers,” Ms Islama said. “Our students look at us as role models for what is expected and if we treat others kindly, they will follow it.”