Grade 7 students experience 5G technology | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 7 students experience 5G technology

16 April 2023

On 10 April 2023, Grade 7 students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka embarked on an exciting field trip to the head office of Grameenphone Limited, Bangladesh's leading telecom service provider. The visit provided the young learners with a unique opportunity to gain practical knowledge about 5G technology and understand how Grameenphone Limited is working to empower the nation with high-speed Internet access.

Upon arrival, students were greeted by the welcoming staff of Grameenphone, who conducted engaging sessions on the company's operations and the role of telecommunications in today's fast-paced world. The trip's highlight was the exploration of Grameenphone's renowned Innovation Lab, where students were introduced to cutting-edge technologies. The Innovation Lab offered hands-on experiences with robotic arms, allowing students to witness how these machines are programmed and operated. They also had the opportunity to dive into augmented reality and virtual reality gaming, which demonstrated the potential of 5G technology to revolutionise how we communicate and entertain ourselves.

This visit perfectly complemented the students' ongoing unit, "Super Tech. Systems", by enabling them to connect deeper between their classroom learnings and real-world applications. Students expressed their anticipation of the endless possibility of 5G technology in the days ahead.

"Learning first-hand from the experts at Grameenphone about 5G enabled me to understand its operations better," said Grade 8 student Aayan Ahmad. "It will be exciting to see the opportunities created by 5G in the near future."

Design Teacher Ms Atia Maqshura was impressed by her students' curiosity and ability to ask meaningful questions.

"The students are the pride and joy of the Academy," Ms Atia said. "Watching them interact confidently with industry professionals makes me incredibly happy."