Grade 4 students meet actor and former minister Asaduzzaman Noor  | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 4 students meet actor and former minister Asaduzzaman Noor 

08 November 2022

On Wednesday, 2 November, eminent Bangladeshi actor, Member of the Parliament and former Minister of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs H.E. Mr Asaduzzaman Noor was welcomed by the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka’s Junior School faculty and Grade 4 students. H.E. Mr Noor was invited for a guest speaker session as part of Grade 4’s ongoing unit on decisions. 

H.E. Mr Noor spoke about his experience as a freedom fighter during the 1971 Liberation War and as an actor involved in theatre, cinema and television. His experiences helped students comprehend the decision-making processes that he engaged in. 

"This session taught me that we do not make all decisions in life, but we can ensure a better result by acting properly,” said Grade 4 student Ahmed Aymaan.  

Grade 4 Homeroom Teacher Ms Shahnaj Karim felt her students greatly benefitted from the session and said that it will impact them positively in their decision-making process.  

Students were eager to learn about the decision-making process and the effects of various decisions,” Ms Shahnaj said.Mr Noor’s life experiences have provided numerous suggestions for our students who wish to make responsible decisions in their lives.”

At the end of the session, on behalf of the Junior School faculty, the Primary Years Programme Coordinator Ms Tanjina Hossain handed over a Grade 4 student’s artwork to H.E. Mr Noor

“It was such a wonderful experience for the Grade 4 students and teachers to get a big personality like Mr Asadduzzaman Noor as a guest speaker,Ms Tanjina said. He described how every decision can see the light of success if one has determination, sincerity, confidence and patience. The speech was subjective, informative and interesting. Both students and teachers were captivated by his words.

H.E. Mr Noor said he is appreciative of the Academy community for welcoming him. 

“The students have made me so optimistic,” H.E. Mr Noor said. “I am carrying back a feeling of freshness and enthusiasm. My heartfelt appreciation to the teachers for inviting me to be here in this session.