Grade 2 students have fun with maths  | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 2 students have fun with maths 

21 October 2022

Students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka are having fun with mathematics in their classrooms. Ms Shama Ahmad, one of the homeroom teachers of Grade 2, ensures this by including exciting games and fun activities in her lesson plans.  

The students were seen playing hopscotch, arranging popsicles in ascending order and calculating the five times table with handprints. The joyful expressions of the students further endorsed Ms Shama’s teaching method.  

I had a lot of fun in these activities, and I enjoyed learning the five times table,” said Grade 2 student Wasifa Islam Manfa.   

Ms Shama said she believes learning aided with pictures, sketches, diagrams and models make the learning process complete, and through this way, students connect mathematics better with their everyday lives. 

“Mathematics is a tool in our hands that makes life simpler and easier,” Ms Shama said.“Interactive activities encourage students to appreciate the beauty of the subject.”