Grade 1 students share moral stories  | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 1 students share moral stories 

20 December 2022

Stories define us and shape our surroundings. Telling stories is one of the oldest forms of teaching and it teaches us more about life and our surroundings.  

As part of their library class, Grade 1 students were asked to take the initiative to complete a moral story at home. Students then presented the stories and the lessons they learned to their peers in the class.   

“I enjoyed learning about the stories and learnt that we should never give up trying,” said Grade 1 student Alvina Afsheen.   

Ms Shahana Seraji, one of the Grade 1 homeroom teachers, believes that moral stories significantly impact the students’ ideas of righteousness and pluralism.  

“Storytelling is a unique way for students to present and develop an understanding of ethics and respect,” Ms Shahana said. “Stories can promote an appreciation and respect for other cultures, which is why building the habit of reading stories from an early age is essential.”