Grade 1 students learn about farming and food production | Aga Khan Academies

Grade 1 students learn about farming and food production

17 February 2024

On 13 February, Grade 1 students at the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka embarked on an enriching field trip to the RP City Farmhouse in Uttara. The excursion was an immersive experience to learn more about the journey of some foods, starting from production to the dining table.  

The young learners learnt about various farm animals, including cows, goats and hens, while gaining hands-on insights into their care. Additionally, they had the chance to see the collection and packaging of milk along with the intricate process of catching, cleaning and cooking fish.  

The field trip highlighted the multifaceted food journeyenhancing students’ appreciation for the labour and expertise involved at each production stage. They met with farmers and fishermen, learning how each of them played a vital role in ensuring quality food supply 

“I wondered how cows and hens give birth to their babies and now I know it,” said Grade 1 student Mahnoor Karim Khan. “This trip helped me to understand how farm people work hard and bring food to our table.”    


"The students enjoyed the trip as they were awed seeing where their foods come from,” said Primary Years Programme Coordinator Tanjina Hossain. “Hopefully, their interaction with the origin will make them more compassionate in future.”      

At the end of the trip, students enjoyed farm-fresh foods, such as milk, mango juice, eggs and vegetable rolls.