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AKA Dhaka's Senior School students organise art fair

14 June 2023

On 13 June 2023, the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka showcased artistic talents and cultural diversity of its Senior School students through an art fair. The event served as a platform for students to celebrate the Bengal region’s rich artistic heritage while embracing contemporary art forms and fostering unity within the community.

The students enthusiastically participated in designing folk motifs, mandalas and face masks for the art fair. They brought life to these traditional art forms, infusing them with their unique interpretations. Students from different cultural backgrounds came together to appreciate and learn from each other’s traditions. By utilising their creativity with logic, students made the best use of the resources they were provided while ensuring the uniqueness of their creations.

“The art fair was a celebration of cultural diversity, self-expression and collaboration,” said Grade 8 student Adiba Binte Tuba. “It was an incredible experience to witness the transformative power of art in sparking conversations about our shared heritage.”

Visual arts teachers Ms Fahmida Khatun and Ms Lamia Khan appreciated the students’ open-mindedness and collaborative mentality throughout the event.

“The engagement and enthusiasm we have seen among our students during the art fair was truly remarkable,” Ms Fahmida said. “The way they immersed themselves in creating the artworks was a testament to their appreciation of cultural diversity.”