Aga Khan Academy Dhaka organises a series of empowering parent workshops | Aga Khan Academies

Aga Khan Academy Dhaka organises a series of empowering parent workshops

22 April 2024

The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka hosted two informative and relevant workshops for parents focusing on parenting in the digital age and managing children during adolescence.   

One of the workshops took place on 17 April for parents of Grade 9 students, in which they learnt how to build a partnership with children to ensure a safer, well-rounded teenage experience for them. Senior School Principal Ms Fahmida Chowdhury and Wellness Coordinator and Physical and Health Education Lead Amit Ahire led the session and addressed key issues parents should be aware of while parenting teenagers.   

Throughout the session, information was shared on how to prevent social media addiction and the importance of affirmations. Additionally, parents learnt about the Academy’s initiatives to support students’ mental well-being.     

"The workshop helped me understand the dynamics of the relationship with my child,” said Mr Syed Shafkat Hasan, one of the parents. “It helped us know better about the children's needs." 

Another parent, Dr Melita Mehjabeen, shared similar sentiments while giving feedback about the session.  

"We got quality guidance on parenting in this session, which will help us step in the child’s shoes," she said. “I would like to have these sessions regularly so that we remain vigilant on our children’s mental and physical transformations and mitigate their challenges.”   

The second workshop took place on 20 April for the parents of Junior School students, where they explored ways of supporting children to adopt healthy habits with technology. Concerns were discussed about children's frequent usage of devices and unregulated content that may have detrimental effects on them.  

“I felt good when parents approached us honestly at the workshop," said Guidance Counsellor Maliha Afzal. "This a great start, and I look forward to sharing more strategic solutions with them soon."  

Both workshops highlighted the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka's commitment to supporting parents as partners in their children's education. By providing valuable resources and insights, the Academy aims to empower parents with confidence in mitigating modern parenting complexities.