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Students create weekly Portuguese newspaper at AKA Maputo

21 April 2021

As part of the curriculum unit called "What's new?" in their Portuguese Language and Literature class, Grade 8 students at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo are creating weekly newspapers in Portuguese, with their newspaper series called Atrções AKA ("Attractions of AKA").  

During this one-month process, students will write and edit a weekly newspaper on different news topics, while also understanding how to structure journalistic texts.  

"I think that this has been a good experience. It gave us areas to explore such as editing, which I like," Grade 8 student Yurdine Chimbutane said. 

By applying their research, communication, time-management and collaborative skills, the students will also develop the ability to identify fake news throughout this unit.

"This work took a lot of time and dedication and during the process, we learned various things that are very important, such as communication and collaboration skills during the group work," Grade 8 student Luana Sidik said. 

Back in March, the Grade 8 students had a virtual session with renowned Mozambican journalist, Armando Inguane. During the session, the students were able to ask questions and engage with Armando on topics relating to journalism and the media, providing them with real-life insights that would help them with their own journalistic processes as they create their newspaper. 

"In this unit, I am always very impressed with the skills that the students develop and the ability they have to collaborate as a team to get the newspaper out on time each week," said Grade 8 Portuguese Language and Literature teacher Adilia Cabral. "All of the students show engagement and commitment to this work. There is no better way to connect their learning to real-life experiences. I am very proud of my students." 

Below you will find the editions of Atrções AKA:

First edition 

Second edition 

Third Edition 

Fourth edition