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Outstanding Results for 2015 Academies Graduates

AKA, Mombasa's Class of 2015 The 2015 graduates from AKA, Mombasa and AKA, Hyderabad had much to celebrate this year after receiving their International Baccalaureate exam results. Both groups performed very well, with class average scores well above the global average as well as a number of outstanding individual results. Students from both graduating cohorts also received acceptances to some of the world’s top universities and significant scholarship offers.

IB Diploma Exams

At the end of the two-year Diploma Programme, graduating students at IB schools around the world sit for their final exams, which are administered globally by the International Baccalaureate. Each student receives a score out of a maximum of 45 points, based on the results from six exams as well as the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay components.

While Academies graduating classes have consistently scored higher than the global IB average, this year was their best yet.

AKA, Mombasa’s Graduating Class Reaches New Heights

Fatema Hassanali This year’s graduates scored AKA, Mombasa’s highest-ever class average mark of 34.4 points (the previous school record was 33.2 points in 2008). The global average mark for all IB Diploma students worldwide this year was 29.88.

The cohort of 71 students also saw some amazing individual achievements. For the first time in the Academy’s history one of its students, Fatema Hassanali, achieved a perfect score of 45, placing her in the top 0.1% of all Diploma graduates internationally. Fatema is planning to pursue a degree in Medicine at the University of Birmingham.

Dzidze Kombo The second of the top students, Dzidze Kombo, achieved an almost-perfect score of 44 points, also a first for the school. She is taking a gap year before applying to pursue a degree in medicine.

Benefiting from the Academy’s strong Middle Years Programme, 6 of the 9 students who scored above 40 came through the school’s MYP.

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AKA, Hyderabad Tops Last Year’s Score

AKA, Hyderabad’s 2015 graduates exceeded the class average set by the first class of 2014 in the IB Diploma exams. The 2015 cohort scored an average of 33.5 points, surpassing last year’s average of 32.5.

The Academy’s top-scoring student this year, Asim Himani scored 41, placing him in the top 4.6% of all Diploma graduates globally. Asim will be pursuing a major in Mathematics at Simon Fraser University, Canada with a full scholarship. The second of the top students, Aashish Dhammani, has gone on to the University of British Columbia in Canada to pursue Biochemistry.

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University Acceptances and Scholarships

The outstanding exam results were reflected in the graduates’ university acceptances and offers of scholarships.

AKA, Hyderabad's 2015 graduates The 2015 Academies graduates received offers from many of the world’s best universities, including Cornell University, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles, New York University, University of Toronto, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, University College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, King’s College London, University of Southern California and Purdue University.

In addition, the two graduating classes were offered a remarkable combined sum of over $7.7 million in university scholarships.

Well done to the AKA, Mombasa and AKA, Hyderabad Classes of 2015! These excellent results reflect the talent, commitment and hard work of the students as well as the teaching quality and dedication of the Academies’ faculty and staff.

Having received a strong foundational education with an emphasis on pluralism and ethics, and with exciting opportunities ahead, the Academies graduates are well equipped to tackle local and global challenges that face their communities now and in the future.

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