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IB Diploma Students Graduate from the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa

28 May 2013

This year’s graduation ceremony saw 66 IB Diploma graduates—40 boys and 26 girls—an increase of 30 students since 2012. This is a very joyous and inspiring occasion for the Academy as we celebrate the achievements of the students so far and send them out to become successful and ethical members of the wider world community. This year is particularly special as it marks the 10th anniversary of the Academy.

It was a full house of proud parents and friends, faculty, and distinguished guests who came to congratulate the students as they go on to pursue tertiary studies. Our graduates have won over US$500,000 in scholarships to universities and are going to places as diverse as Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands, Singapore and South Africa.

Mr Simon Otieno, Acting Head of Academy, urged the students to dream big, citing the massive 10,000 tasks it took to send the first man to the moon and Martin Luther King’s seminal speech, “I Have a Dream”.  He also spoke about Vision 2030: a vision of Kenya as a middle income country prospering in a clean and secure environment. He encouraged the students to dream with determination and in all colours and languages, for nothing can be achieved without dreams and aspirations.

This year’s guest speaker, Mr Mahmud Jan Mohamed, Serena Hotels Group Managing Director, had the occasion of spending time at the Academy before the graduation. Based on his experience, he feels confident that the graduates’ future in the real world is secure if they continue in the same vein. He reminded us all that today’s world needs passionate individuals willing to carve their own paths. He echoed the theme of Mr Otieno’s address and urged them to dream of what might be.

The graduation speakers emphasised the need to continue to serve our communities, a principle which the graduates fully embrace. It was noted that though 50 hours of community service are required for the IB diploma, one of the graduates had devoted over 1000 hours. Mr Salim Bhatia, Director of Academies, highlighted how in a survey of Canadian students, Academy alumni referred to their particular career choices in terms of the positive impact they would have on their community—thus illustrating the Academy’s legacy of pursuing positive social change.

Valedictorian Rahim Daya delivered a moving address, which touched upon the importance of a diverse student body: “The diversity present in our class gave us the opportunity to feed off one another positively, to motivate, help and challenge one another, ensuring the continued academic excellence that is the pinnacle of the Academies programme.” He also emphasized the impact of the teachers’ commitment: “The direction from our teachers was invaluable in guiding us to the academic goals we set for ourselves. Their love for education and their determination for us to succeed has seen us attain consistently high grades and develop a passion for learning throughout our two years and beyond.”

The ceremony was enhanced by music—the award winning Academy choir provided pre-ceremony songs and delivered a joyful recessional; the Faculty Choir’s offering highlighted diversity and wished the students well in many different languages; the Academy orchestra performed Tchaikovsky’s Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker, and, in a wonderful study of contrasts, a group of First-Year Diploma Students performed an energetic Maori Waiata from New Zealand, “Tarakihi”, as a tribute to the graduates.

The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa aspires to nurture students who are inquirers, thinkers, good communicators and knowledgeable. It is proud to be sending out these 66 graduates into the wider community—expect to hear of them in the future. 


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