Exploring stories of Mozambican environment through Camera Lens | Aga Khan Academies

Exploring stories of Mozambican environment through Camera Lens

29 November 2019

This week, our Grade 9 students at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo are participating in a photography and journalism workshop with Frederic Roberts and his team.

Eighteen students from Grade 9 aged between 14 and 15 years are taking part in the workshop along with three of our staff members who are also learning alongside the students.  The Academy is also hosting ten students from the nearby school, Ana Mogas, who are taking part in the workshop. 

Frederic Roberts, an award winning photographer from the United States of America, has traveled to Maputo, Mozambique with a team of photojournalists to run this photography and journalism workshop. He is aiming to teach the students professional photography techniques and explore global themes through the capturing of images in the local Mozambican environment.  This workshop is a continuation of successful programmes run in India, Tajikistan, Portugal, Canada and other countries around the world.

For daily updates on the workshop, please visit: http://fredricrobertsworkshops.org/maputo-2019-tech-day/