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Class of 2020 creates fundraiser for Talent Identification Programme

09 June 2020

As a final tribute before graduating, the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa’s Class of 2020 created a fundraiser to raise USD $50,000 for the Academy’s Talent Identification Programme (TID), which provides full scholarships for students to attend the Academy regardless of their socio-economic background.

“Education at its core was meant for all,” Marco Adriko, Class of 2020, said. “The Academy pushes us to see beyond seemingly frivolous divisions that govern our lives, and if every student in the world had access to the same education and curriculum, we would find ourselves going into a society less focused on class structure and division, and more focused on integration and equality.”

The fundraiser, which is called #DoMore2020, involves the entire Class of 2020 cohort, who each pledged USD $20.20 as their individual contributions. The initiative is led by a core team of now-alumni including Azaan Sayani, Bilal Adamjee, Laiqa Walli, Marco Adriko, Muskaan Bhaidani, Sneha Bardai and Ziyaan Virji, who have raised over USD $25,000 as of 9 June. 

“Giving back to our immediate communities has been engraved into our minds since we stepped foot into the Academy,” Muskaan said. “The Class of 2020 has been beyond grateful to be the beneficiaries of this wonderful institution, and there is no other way that we would give back rather than giving other talented, young individuals the same opportunities we had. The Academy has played an immense role in motivating young individuals to reach their potential and guide them towards the path of success; I certainly would not have been the same person if it wasn’t for this institution and we owe it to them. We hope this fundraiser is able to allow exceptional individuals to have exceptional opportunities.”

Started in May and ending towards the end of June, #DoMore2020 has received donations from people in East Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South Asia and North America.

“Our world today, especially Africa, requires that we have strong, ethical, pluralistic leaders, which the Academy strives to nurture in its students,” Azaan said. “Students from all socio-economic backgrounds should benefit from such an education so that they can feel empowered to lead their communities and achieve a path of sustainable development.”

#DoMore2020 also garnered support from Azim Jamal – a well-known motivator, author, speaker and visionary.

“It is so amazing to see the Class of 2020 take up this initiative to pay forward the life-changing experiences they’ve received at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa,” Azim said. “Their cohort is made up of students from diverse backgrounds and they have been able to accomplish so much to create an impact in all walks of life. During these unprecedented times, these types of initiatives are ever so important for all of us.”

To learn more on how to participate in the fundraiser, click here.