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Academy graduates awarded Ontario government scholarships

23 June 2017

Seven students from the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa and three from the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad have received a full tuition waiver as part of the Aga Khan Academies Ontario post-secondary need-based tuition waiver programme. This is a product of the partnership between the Government of Ontario, Canada and the Aga Khan Academies which, in recognition of shared values and standards, aims to provide access to quality higher education to Academy students in need of financial support. As part of the agreement, 10 need-based, full-tuition waivers are offered to students of the Academies at both the Mombasa and Hyderabad campuses each year, over three years.

Theresa Urist, Global Director of University Counselling, Aga Khan Academies explains the fee-waiver programme in the Aga Khan Academies newsletter article: “We were looking for students of academic promise who received at least 50% financial aid at the Academies and who were actively involved with and were making contributions to their school community…Our hope was to enable more of our students [to gain] access to a high quality education, especially for students who otherwise may not have had access to this type of education due to a lack of funds.” 

The recipients from Mombasa are Muriuki Njonjo, Salim Abdallah, Zarina Mamadbekova, Ganjina Vanjova, Muslima Niyozmamadova, Nafisa Rahimjonova and Mordecai Ngonge. The recipients from Hyderabad are Nafees Charaniya, Ariq Kapadia and Eva Raiyani. Eva, who will be studying at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario tells us: "Receiving the Ontario scholarship is indeed a blessing for me since I wouldn't have been able to pursue my aspiration of studying abroad otherwise. I feel honoured and am grateful to have achieved this aid as a key to the door of a bright future."

We wish all of the recipients well as they embark on this new stage of their lives. We also hope that this opportunity opens doors for them as well as the members of their respective communities as they strive to make a difference.