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Academy contributes to digital inclusion project

14 September 2017
The Academy in Hyderabad signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the District of Mahbubnagar and the Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion (CDFI) to institute a new digital inclusion pilot – Benefit Entitlement Tracking Solution (BETS) – in 45 anganwadi centres in Mahbubnagar District. 
BETS is a CDFI supported digital platform that improves transparency, effectiveness and productivity through streamlined benefit delivery to its intended beneficiaries. Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, Head of the Aga Khan Academy was present along with Mr. Krishnan Dharmarajan, Executive Director, Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion. 
Telangana’s largest district by area, Mahbubnagar is considered one of the 250 most economically disadvantaged districts in the country.  Anganwadi centres were established in 1975 to train community women to deliver a range of services comprising supplementary nutrition, immunisation, and health check-ups. This framework was initiated to tackle malnutrition in young children and mothers; reduce infant and maternal mortality rate; educate mothers about nutrition and health and improve feeding practices. 
BETS (Benefit Entitlement Tracking Solution) is a game-changing digital innovation. This pilot will roll-out BETS in 45 anganwadi centres in Mahbubnagar. This first digital inclusion pilot will address the transformational vision that Telangana state and district administration and aim to enable technology-led service processes and transform anganwadis into proactive service providers for all beneficiaries. 
Anganwadis can, through the adoption and utilisation of BETS, become empowered and modernised with appropriate digital tools to realize their full design potential and become the central ‘hub’ of each village social network. 
The Centre for Digital Financial Inclusion (CDFI) at the Institute for Financial Management and Research, focuses on developing innovations and enabling environments for expanding access to digital financial products and services. CDFI has been partnering and supporting various organizations, including government agencies at Central and State levels, in evolving program implementation frameworks that leverage technology to provide benefits to the poor and marginalised. CDFI's work touches diverse sectors and spans banking, education, agriculture, governance, healthcare, nutrition, enterprise and self-help groups.