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The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka

“This new Academy will be an important node in a network of 18 schools throughout the developing world, providing world class education for young men and women from all backgrounds, irrespective of ability to pay. It will be a remarkable place to go to school.”

His Highness the Aga Khan, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 20 May 2008


The award-winning Aga Khan Academy Dhaka represents a significant investment in education by the Aga Khan Development Network for the benefit of Bangladesh. It will become a new national asset for the whole country – and for its broad educational community.

This not-for-profit school will be part of an integrated network of Aga Khan Academies located across 14 countries. The Academy is being established to provide exceptional students with an outstanding education to prepare them for leadership roles in Bangladesh and across the world. Students are selected based on merit, regardless of socio-economic background, gender, race or religion. This ensures that talented students from all sectors of Bangladeshi society can access a world-class education.

Through its Professional Development Centre (PDC), the Academy will also act as a regional hub for academic innovation and excellence. The PDC is dedicated to training new teachers to the highest standards while offering veteran teachers the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of education through research and practice. This expertise is then shared to enhance teaching and learning at government and other schools.


Award-Winning Design

The Aga Khan Academy will be located on a 20-acre plot in Bashundara, Dhaka and will enrol 750 students (K–12) with a capacity to expand to 1,200. Residential facilities will be provided for students and staff to allow for wide participation and enable a diverse learning community. The school has been designed by renowned international architects to ensure the best possible educational experience in a physical environment that resonates with local Bangladeshi culture and architectural traditions.

The design for the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka received the award for best ‘Future Education’ project at the World Architecture Festival 2017, held on 15-17 November in Berlin, Germany. The award recognises the excellence of the school’s design as well as the project’s intention to generate positive social impact, which arises from the mission and values of the Aga Khan Academies and the wider Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). The vision of the Academies is to develop future leaders with the skills and knowledge to positively support development in their own societies.

Construction of the Academy begun in 2018, with classes for students planned to start in 2020.


Educating Future Leaders

The Aga Khan Academy in Dhaka will develop leaders with a pluralistic sensibility – individuals who are proudly Bangladeshi yet also connected to the larger, cosmopolitan world. The Academies programme, which is based on the highly regarded International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, prepares students to succeed in a globally competitive world while also connecting them to their own language, literature, history and heritage. As they grow to take on leadership roles, this education uniquely prepares them to address the issues facing their communities with solutions that draw on global best practices and are appropriate to the local context. As language is essential to leadership, the Aga Khan Academy will provide bilingual education in English and Bangla, ensuring that students maintain strong ties to their roots. Service learning projects also cultivate the ethic of serving one’s community. In helping their neighboring communities, students are exposed to the challenges they face and learn to come up with contextually appropriate solutions.


Global Linkages

The Aga Khan Academy Dhaka will be the fourth school in a planned network of 18 campuses in Africa, South and Central Asia, and the Middle East, following Mombasa (Kenya), Hyderabad (India) and Maputo (Mozambique). Academy teachers and students will be able to collaborate across this network via technology to share experiences with others from different cultures. Teacher exchanges between schools provide exposure to different learning environments and opportunities to share best practices with colleagues. Student exchanges between schools are also planned to allow them to experience another culture first hand and further their experience of living in a pluralistic world.


International Partners

Education at an Aga Khan Academy is enriched by unique academic and co-curricular partnerships. The Academies work closely with AKDN agencies across many areas including for curricular innovation and to offer students in-depth service learning and internship experiences. Partnerships with internationally renowned institutions contribute to the quality of the Academies’ curriculum and professional development programmes, and ensure that the Academies maintain and enhance their international standing. Partners include the International Baccalaureate, the University of British Columbia, Concordia University, the Government of Ontario (Canada) and Microsoft, with the Academies in Mombasa and Hyderabad having both been recognised as Microsoft Showcase Schools.