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Mary Favour: Maximizing her Resources

It is a different system that gives me more advantages and privilege.

Mary Favour is now in the second year of her Diploma Programme and was one of the first students to move into the Academy’s new residential facilities when the program opened in April 2009.

Mary finds that the education system and the facilities at the Academy to be exceptional. "The education system is different because I came from an 8-4-4 system," she says. The 8-4-4 system places emphasis on vocational training, whereas IB programme at the Academy encourages intellectual curiosity, leadership development and a pluralistic sensibility.

Mary values the interaction between the teachers and students at the Academy. Sometimes she finds the homework assignments a bit challenging. "But the teachers are committed to helping you do well," she states.

Mary’s parents feel fortunate that she was accepted at the Academy, given the large pool of applicants. "It is a different system that gives me more advantage and privilege to do things that I couldn’t do at my other school," Mary says.

Through living on campus, interacting with dorm mates, fellow students and faculty members, Mary has built up a strong social and personal skill set. "The dorm parents are really nice and understanding, which makes life much easier."

Mary feels that as a residential student, she is at a greater advantage to get an overall growing and learning experience. "It is really a community feeling," she states. "The students from different classes understand different topics well so you can go to them for help."

Mary organizes her day in such a way such that she can participate in extracurricular activities and still have free time. She finds that living on campus makes it easier for her to balance her schedule. Because the entire week is structured, she can manage her time wisely. "I know my schedule for the day earlier, so I have time to plan what I am going to do when and also have enough time to study."

Mary is taking full advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities at the Academy that allows her to learn, explore and excel. At my previous school, "we never had a library or labs," she says.

In future, Mary hopes to pursue her education in the medical field. "I would like to become a pharmacist," Mary said.

Mary’s sister Catherine has joined her at the Academy.