Junior School Art Exhibition | Aga Khan Academies

Junior School Art Exhibition

19 March 2014
Students of the Junior School in The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad were engaged in the art room creating, analyzing and appreciating art of different cultures and artists including their peers. Most importantly, they have been critiquing their own work.
Students have been using art as a means to communicate their feelings, give their perspective and make sense of the world around them. They were exposed to folk arts, works of different artists and various art concepts such as lines, shapes, forms, colour, textures, rhythm, emphasis and unity etc.  They explored many art mediums which included water colours, dry pastels, clay and pa-pier mache’.
The students created a wide variety of works of art which then showcased their understanding, artistic skills and creativity. Their works were exhibited in the school from 18th to 19th March, 2014. The event started with the ‘Opening Ceremony - Inauguration’ by the renowned sculptor from Hyderabad Mr. Shivaram Chary and our Head of Academy Mr. Ian Kerr by lighting of a lamp.
The exhibition was open to students, their friends and relatives and other school during these two days. Visi-tors came in droves and their presence encouraged and celebrated the creative spirit of our budding artists.
Submitted by Isha Joshi ,Visual Art
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