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Class of 2018 students admitted to some of the best universities worldwide

12 April 2018

The number of Academy graduates has more than doubled since our first Diploma Programme cohort wrote their final IB examinations in 2014. More than 800 applications to universities in 12 countries were submitted by 84 students belonging to the Class of 2018. So far there have been 25 acceptances to institutions appearing within the top 100 ShanghaiRanking (also known as the Academic Ranking of World Universities) for 2017. The average number of acceptances per student is 4.5. Overall, there have been over 100 scholarship offers amounting to $5.3 million.

Our career counselling department has had a busy season, with 102 universities having visited the Academy since August 2017. Based on individual profiles, test scores and academic performance, students applied to universities after one-on-one sessions with our university counsellor, Pragati Pandey, and Academies Unit global director for counselling, Theresa Urist. Some of the notable institutions that have admitted our students are: Sciences Po, University of Utrecht, Yale-NUS, University of California (San Diego & Davis campuses), University College London, Imperial College, University of Toronto, Indian School of Business & Finance, University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, University of Manchester, Purdue and Monash.

On Monday 9th April, the entire Academy Senior School gathered to wish our DP2s farewell during a special assembly, where certain grade 12 students performed songs and instrumental pieces, which touched the audience. “A splendid exhibit of their musical talents turned everyone’s Monday morning upside down!” shared Alishah, grade 11. “There was such a pleasant aura. We wish the graduating class all the very best for their finals and hope to see them strive for success!”