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Camping - fun, adventure and learning

09 October 2018

As part of their action during the unit “Where we are in place and time," grade 4 students had the unique experience of camping on campus overnight on Thursday 4th October 2018, with their friends and teachers in tents. 

After a regular day in school, the students pitched the tents with the help of Mr. Diwakar from Decathlon. This was followed by a campus walk with the teachers, collecting sticks and twigs along the way. The most exciting part of the event was the campfire, around which students sang and danced after dinner. They roasted marshmallows, cottage cheese, and other veggies. Finally, the students were engaged in star gazing and used iPads for better understanding of different constellations. 

We thank the grade 4 teachers, Ms. Anna Palmetshofer and Ms. Abha Seth Sharma for their guidance and to all those teachers and parents who helped, for making this event a huge success. A special thanks to Mr. Diwakar from Decathlon for helping us organise the camp.

Shreekar, a grade 4 student said, “Camping was a great experience for me. I had fun during setting up the tent, camp fire and star gazing with my friends and teachers. I learnt how to adjust and work together with everyone.”

In a nutshell, our students had fun, thrill and excitement along with learning important life skills. 

Contributed by Mita Mohapatra