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Annual squash league promotes sportsmanship and fun

12 March 2019

The annual Squash League was hosted by a group of three grade 11 students - Atiya Panjwani, Aafreen Prasla and Rehaan Khimani - as a part of their Community, Action and Service project on the weekend of 2nd - 3rd March 2019.

The League aimed at creating a unique atmosphere where squash evolves as a passionate sport among the Academy community. It proferred a platform of sportsmanship, friendly competition and a little bit of fun. The event took place over the course of two days using a knockout tournament system. On the first day, the first rounds of the senior boys and the girls categories were played. This attracted a growing number of spectators, which doubled on the second day, during which the remainder of the games were played as well as the junior boys' category. With music and cheers, the determination and enthusiasm in players was off the charts. Fair play was displayed by the students throughout, even during closely fought matches.

"I’ve been in this Academy since 2014 and have seen the growth of squash across all these years," shared an elated Atiya after the end of the tounament. "Seeing this sport evolve into something that is deeply woven in the web of the Academy community, is truly special. I have been a participant and an organizer of the tournament and the experience as both has been quite enriching. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities this sport has offered to me and I hope that this tradition is carried on for many years to come at the Academy."

There were seven winners in total from all the three categories.

Senior girls category: Ruth Thakkar (grade 9) beat Zoya Virani (grade 9) in the finals, 3 sets to 1. 

Senior boys category: Rehan Nathani (grade 9) beat Arshad Bhaidani (grade 9) in the finals, 3 sets to 0. Aamil Kadiwaala (grade 9) got the third position (bronze medal holder).

Junior boys category: Aariz Nathani (grade 7) beat Iliyan Bhagat (grade 7) in the finals, 3 sets to 1.

Contributed by Atiya Panjwani (grade 11)