Adventure-seekers explore Srisailam on IAYP trek | Aga Khan Academies

Adventure-seekers explore Srisailam on IAYP trek

06 October 2017
89 students and 11 teachers journey into the jungle for a weekend of fun, reflection, and learning. “IAYP was an awesome experience. It made me stronger and fearless.” - Monish Hamirani, grade 8. 
On Friday 29th September, 89 students from the Academy, along with 11 teachers, headed to Srisailam for an unforgettable adventure. After dinner, students sang songs around the bonfire before turning in for the night.
The next day, students hiked to a towering waterfall in the Mallela Theertham Tiger Reserve where they climbed rocks, walked over ropeways, and bathed in the refreshing water. 
On Sunday, students and faculty alike hopped into Jeeps and embarked on a jungle safari. After an exhilarating ride, everyone disembarked and made their way into the jungle for another hike. Students helped each other cross streams and climb over rocks. They looked after one another and made a conscious effort to ensure the safety of their peers. 
“This year, being the leader of a team, I developed a sense of responsibility in myself and learned that patience can solve a lot of issues,” commented trekker Tanya Verma of grade 10. 
The students’ last day consisted of a cable car ride followed by a ferry trip to the Akkamahadevi caves and the Ista Kameshwari Temple, where a local guide explained the cultural significance of the site. 
“The IAYP trek was a great opportunity to connect with students and explore more of India,” summarised Jennifer Tubbs, AKDN Fellow. “Many thanks to Ms. Vasanthi, who organized the  trek, my fellow teachers on the trip, and the students who participated. Their positive attitudes made all the difference.”