Edgar Michael Nagaya Wangira: On a future mission to tackle environmental deterioration | Aga Khan Academies

Edgar Michael Nagaya Wangira: On a future mission to tackle environmental deterioration

If there is one thing that Edgar is clear about, regarding his future goals, it is to halt environmental degradation on the planet. A recent graduate of the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Edgar is headed to the University of Central Asia (UCA) in Tajikistan where he will study Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

“Since my early age, I have been interested in geography and physics. While at the Academy, I found myself drawn towards earth science as an area of study I wanted to pursue,” he states. “I will major in Earth and Environmental Sciences which are my academic interests. In addition, I believe studying these subjects will help me indulge in my passion, which is to contribute to the awareness of the global environmental challenge in the world,” he states with confidence. 

This urge, this thirst to be involved in challenges to the environment, he is determined to bring to Kenya to save the country from a climate catastrophe. “I am particularly keen about making a difference in my home country of Kenya, and yes, I know it’s ambitious,” he states emphatically. “I expect to graduate in 2023, and, am planning to come back to my home country to work with the Ministry of Environment,” he promises.  

Edgar received UCA Merit-based scholarship from the central Asian university. In addition to UCA, he was also accepted at York and Ryerson Universities, both in Canada and both of which offered him scholarships. He feels he was able to procure the admissions and the grants because of the vast commitment the Academy makes on academic education excellence and on helping students through the college admission application process. 

“The levels at which the school values academic excellence is what really helped me get these admissions and scholarships. The way the school has shaped me in balancing my academic performance and co-curriculum activities is what I believe gave me an advantage, not forgetting being taught how to express my needs on paper,” he says adding, “I received amazing counseling in regards to the shortlist of universities I applied to in the course of the year.”  

The Academy’s Curricular Strands of ethics, pluralism, and leadership training played a vital role in Edgar’s learning and feels other values such as civic society, and good governance are all connected to these strands. “As I take the next step in life, I see myself epitomizing these values, especially pluralism while interacting with people from different places in the world.” 

Reflecting on his time at the academy, Edgar looks back at some of the things he will miss most. “Being involved in residential programme will be by far my most memorable experience and I will miss it dearly. What always amazed me was the confidence our dorm parents displayed in caring for us. I will miss all the running around at the residences and having fun with other students.”  

As Edgar readies to write a new chapter in his life, he is grateful and gratified he was able to attend the Academy. He says when he first found out he had been accepted at the Academy, his family sat him down in a meeting and told him how much this was going to change his future and that he should not take this opportunity for granted. 

“All I can say is that, I hope to be able to invest in other people’s education just like the Academy invested in mine and UCA is investing in my future,” he muses.