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Rashyani Family: Finding the Very Best

Eleven-year-old Azeel’s parents, Zulfikar and Gulzar, do not harbour the slightest doubt that in selecting the Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad for their son, they made the right choice. “It was an easy decision,” they say. Among the reasons they cite: the Academy’s outstanding reputation in India, the quality of its faculty, the school’s rich educational and extracurricular offerings, and its approach to learning.

But first and foremost, it was the school’s International Baccalaureate (IB) programme that attracted them; a program that focuses on a holistic, whole-person approach to education to ensure students prosper in a fast-changing and globalising world.

“It was an honour to make Azeel part of the Academy’s IB programme. Its focus on not just academics but also on intellectual, personal, emotional, and social development of children is what drew us.”

The Rashyanis are proud as they watch their son, who joined the Academy in 2011, grow and gain emotional maturity, discipline and self-esteem. They are convinced that the Academy’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education to its students is playing a defining role in his growth.

“The Academy has done 360 degree development to prepare our child for a rapidly changing world. Azeel’s performance is improving daily as he has learnt how to engage in his day-to-day activities. There are lots of positive changes since Azeel has joined the Academy. He has become a creative, intelligent, healthy, and most importantly mature young boy.”

Realising the impact of parental school involvement on student performance, the Rashyanis take complete advantage of the efforts the Academy makes to encourage parents to become involved in their children’s education. The Rashyanis believe that their commitment not only allows their son’s teachers to fully engage with him but it benefits them as well.

“We are heavily involved with the Academy as parents. We talk to Azeel every day on activities he is involved in, his homework, his projects, and his academic studies. We have never missed a parents’ meeting at the Academy. We feel it is important to be involved so we can help our child as well as help the teachers work with our child. Also we, as parents, learn a lot from this involvement.”

Zulfikar and Gulzar are grateful that the Academy instills in students the notion that learning is a lifelong and exciting process.

“Teaching is world class at the Academy.  Learning with fun is definitely the best way to absorb knowledge during childhood. Azeel enjoys his daily tasks and has realized the necessity of learning throughout his life. This is the biggest achievement of the Academy in our view.”

The Rashyanis are convinced that the faculty at the Academy has played a vital role in instilling confidence in Azeel by holding him in high regard and believing he is capable of achieving success in whatever he sets his mind to.

“He has developed self-confidence that he can do anything in his life. He has got no fear.  He could give a speech in front of thousands of people. He is not afraid of failures. He is always ready to try new things.”

 By Perviz Walji