Meenashki Joshi:Enabling Students to Creatively Evolve | Aga Khan Academies

Meenashki Joshi:Enabling Students to Creatively Evolve

As a Visual Arts teacher with 17 years of experience, creating a sense of excitement in my students about art activities is something that I am really passionate about. I believe that learning about art is crucial for young people as it will build a foundation for holistic learning and a positive attitude. When I teach Visual Arts, I try to create an atmosphere in which my students feel that they can creatively evolve.

I believe very much in Allie Mooney’s motto: ‘If you can reach me then you can teach me’. I strive to create a constructive atmosphere in which creativity, expression and leadership flourish.

At AKA,H we understand that our students need a variety of ways to learn about their world and to express themselves, and the creative arts have always provided a varied rich environment in which to grow. The Art and Music classroom offers a place where students can develop skills in an atmosphere that offers a unique combination of academic and creative studies. The creative art activities are planned and put together keeping in mind that every student has something special to bring to our class, and everyone can grow his/her imagination, with practice, patience and perseverance.

To work in the Academy has been very enriching. At the Academy, each and every one strives to create a balance between academic demands, sports, cultural activities and community service. The school community is encouraged to respect and appreciate other people’s cultures, social structures, values and beliefs. I feel blessed to work in such an open and welcoming atmosphere.