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The Aman Family: Becoming Citizens of the World

"The Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad is imparting to our children a holistic education and learning experience that prepares them for life and challenges in today’s world." 

Both children in the Aman family attend the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad. Son, Ayan, is a residential student in grade 11, and daughter, Anahita, is a day student in grade 7. Their parents are extremely happy with their children’s experience at the Academy.  "Both our children have blossomed at the Academy into well-rounded, bright, curious individuals who absolutely enjoy going to school," says Aditi Shah Aman, their mother.

Anahita loved being a part of the Musical Let’s Work Together, and also won three gold medals while participating in the Junior School’s first Sports Day. Ayan has participated in both the Academy’s Model United Nations. In 2013-14, he won the Best Photographer Award. In 2014-15, he was a double delegate in the IT & JCC Allied Committees, and was given the Best Delegate Award for the latter. He has been appointed as the Director General, UN in the anticipated third AKA, Hyderabad Model UN planned for 2015-16. These are some of the memorable achievements that have made the children’s parents very proud.

While hunting for schools in Hyderabad, Ayan and Anahita's parents felt that the Aga Khan Academy stood apart from other schools primarily due to its vision, and also its beautiful campus and impressive team of teachers from across India and the rest of the world. The parents are of the view that the teaching methodology used has made education "exciting, stimulating and relevant to the world and times we live in." Having a residential school located in Hyderabad was also an added bonus since they could offer their children the best education and learning experience, while living in the same city.

Aditi believes enrolling their children at AKA Hyderabad was the best thing they have done as parents, and the best investment they could have made in their children's future. The parents think that their children are being imparted an education which not only prepares them academically but also provides them with the opportunity to engage in arts, music, sports and community service. The education system at the Academy, according to the parents, has instilled in their children a "sheer joy of learning, sensitizing them to the world around them and inspiring them to give back to society in any which way they can."

Ayan and Anahita’s parents are very happy with the way the International Baccalaureate curriculum is delivered at the Academy along with the AKA strands, which makes education "interesting, practical and very relevant, rather than dull and bookish." They believe the curriculum encourages their children to “think, question, explore and discover.” Both parents actively participate and are totally involved in their children’s everyday life at the Academy. They have attended every event, be it a parent-teacher meeting, exhibition, student-led conference, musical performance, theatrical performance or other. 

"The Academy teaches its students to respect pluralism and cultural diversity while taking pride in their own cultural identity," says Aditi. The parents also feel that their children are evolving into intelligent, sensitive, compassionate, open-minded, tolerant individuals with a very broad worldview. They are learning to explore and grow beyond their comfort levels, and identify their own unique talents and passion. The education imparted at the Academy, the parents believe, will equip their children "to steer their lives towards a direction where they are not only able to realize their inherent potential, but also make a difference."