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Alexis Reddy: Striving to Move Ahead

“At the start of school, the teachers made us come together by giving us activities to do so as to get to know each other quickly, making it easier for us to settle, which actually helped.”

Alexis is a grade 11 student at the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad. Though his family lives in Hyderabad, he chose to live in residence to become more independent and get used to life away from his parents. Initially it was hard for his parents to be away from him, he says, but now they are fine.

In 2011, Alexis joined the Academy because of the IB curriculum that the school offers and the residential facilities. He finds the Academy different from his previous school, International School Hyderabad (ISH), noting that the Academy has a good representation of Indian students, while his previous school had students from many other parts of the world.

Alexis likes the sports facilities at the Academy, though he says they were not totally ready when he joined. “When finished, [we] will have football, gym, squash, hockey, cricket and swimming facilities,” he says excitedly. He also likes the dorms and the fact that one can have privacy even when two or four people share.

Alexis did not find it difficult to make friends in his first days at the Academy. He commends his teachers for helping the students settle in and make friends quickly. He did not like the uniform at first but is fine with it now.

Alexis finds there is always something to do. He participated in a two-day trekking expedition that the Academy arranged and on another occasion went out to watch a cricket match. “The Academy makes us go out so we are not stuck here. We also have a choice to go home some weekends,” he says.

After completing his studies at the Academy, Alexis wants to join a marine biology school in France or pursue his further education at a university in the UK. Alexis says his other friends outside the Academy do ask him about the school and the teachers, and he always recommends that they join the Academy. “Actually, a good friend of mine asked me if it was a good school, and I told him to come and visit, which he did. He will be joining the Academy,” Alexis says proudly.